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  Admission to the Musikgymnasium

Provided students have completed secondary school qualifications and passed the entry requirements, admission will be given to those students who are already learning to play their instrument successfully. The language of instruction is German.

The entrance requirement consists of three parts:
1. Instrument performance (all orchestral instruments, piano, harpsichord, recorder, organ, accordion or guitar)
2. Individual assessment on general musical qualities, including musical theory and musical sense of hearing
3. Interview on family and school

An aptitude test is given and students are expected to perform a musical programme lasting about 15 minutes. The programme should include two pieces, each piece should be different in character, or belonging to a different epoch. There is also a technical test. The technical test comprises tone scales, triads, harmonies in different modes (kinds of articulation) and possibly an etude. Assessing the studentís general musical talent in this way allows the admissions officers to identify whether the student can appreciate the means of forming, singing and recognizing intervals and triads. The aptitude test also highlights the studentís theoretical knowledge. A concluding interview then offers the applicant the chance to ask questions and the admission board to win an overall impression of the student.

Applications for the next school year are available from January until March. Requests during the school year are possible. The admission tests for the school year 2025/2026 take place on March 07, 2025.
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