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  Prelude to the future – beyond musical understanding

Only a solid general education will enable young people to master an increasingly complex world where continuous development and personal responsibility are key. The Musikgymnasium rises to such a challenge in offering students a specialised timetable based on familiar Thüringian School Regulations. From this common framework, all the students at Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere are able to take their A-levels at the end of Year 12.

Due to the select numbers of pupils in both the fifth and sixth forms respectively, these two age groups are taught together, but follow differentiated curricula according to their abilities. In addition to the 10th and 11th forms, a special class: "11 Special" has been arranged for senior students, which staggers their release – thereby enabling them to meet the requirements of the academic curriculum across three years, whilst they maintain a demanding schedule of musical performances. In order to support an effective distribution of learning objectives, every other Saturday is a regular school day. All classes are held in German, with English taught as the first foreign language and Italian, the language of music, taught as the second foreign language. The school is equipped with a library and every classroom has at least one personal computer, offering further access to the world of knowledge and an understanding beyond the immediate classroom objectives. Workshops such as the "Open Studio" or a Russian language course enlarge the school's field of education apart from the various cultural activities of the city of Weimar with its many libraries, museums, musical and theatre performances.

A commitment to Continuing Professional Development for teachers, both on local and supra-regional levels, guarantees the quality in the delivery of the latest teaching and learning techniques, which is then tailored to fit the specialist profile of the Musikgymnasium. These development opportunities allow teachers to share expertise, which not only gives a fresh impetus to their practice, but also facilitates professional exchange between schools.

Due to the partnership with the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar, holiday periods may differ from the other schools in Thuringia.

Head of the Secondary level Department
Antje Krug
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