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  For the love of music

Music is a language independent of words. It offers both peaceful contemplation and the opportunity to work in harmony with others toward a common goal. It sets development into motion by stimulating fantasy, trains the process of thinking, supports self-reliance, and raises problem-awareness. Music is based on abilities, and abilities depend on knowledge, creativity, practice, and a balance between "ratio" and "emotio". It demands perseverance and expects dedication.

Early support of talent in the field of music is especially vital, and this support is guaranteed at the highest level at the Musikgymnasium "Schloss Belvedere". All instrumental training is conducted by professors and lecturers from the University of Music FRANZ LISZT in Weimar. In close co-operation with the noted orchestra "Weimarer Staatskapelle", students are offered insight into the musical profession and are encouraged to develop a professional attitude toward both technical and interpretive musicianship.

At the end of each school year students at the Musikgymnasium prove their development in an examination performance on their primary and secondary instruments. Each year a special school-wide competition is held in class 11, in which an independent, often international jury consisting of professors from many music disciplines assess the students' achievements as soloists and chamber musicians. The numerous awards won yearly by our students of all ages, both in national and international competitions, as well as the many acclaimed public concerts they give demonstrate the success of the concept of our school.

Head of the Art Department
Joan Pagès Valls
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